Pinterest Image Downloader


Pinterest Image Downloader

Pinterest Image Downloader: As we all know that Pinterest is one of the largest image and videos sharing platforms. On this platform, you can share images, or you can see the images shared by other people around the world. Daily, millions of images are being shared by people around the globe. These images can be personal photoshoots, product images, any business images and can be shared with any type of images.

People worldwide like and share these images on other platforms and help each other grow their online businesses. While using the Pinterest platform, you might have thought to save any picture that attracted or any image having some helpful information that you want to share it with your friends or family members but face issues while saving this image.

Now, that’s the situation where our Pinterest Pic Downloader will help you to download Pinterest Images or download Pinterest board images. Our tool works perfectly well for downloading batch Pinterest images within seconds. Because you know Pinterest gives us an option of uploading multiple images in one Pin of the board. So, if you want to download the complete Pinterest Pin, you can download it with our Pinterest Image Downloader’s help.

Suppose you have decided to use our tool to download Pinterest images. In that case, we have one suggestion for all of our users that don’t use these images for commercial purposes or for the sake of your business promotion with other images. If the owners of images take any action against you, then we will not be responsible for it because we don’t have copyrights of any image on Pinterest.

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 Working of Pinterest Image Downloader Online

This straightforward and easy-to-use tool that will help you download multiple images at once and within no time. So, follow the below-given steps and get the images in no time:

  1. First of all, login into your Pinterest account
  2. Now, tap on the image you want to download
  3. Right-click on the opened image and click send button that will open a popup with the “Copy” option
  4. Click on this copy option to copy the link to this image
  5. Now paste this link in the above input box of our website and click download
  6. Your image will be download in no time
  7. That’s all for downloading images with our tool

This is how easy our Pinterest images download tool works to give you an image within few clicks. If you face any issues while using this tool, you can let us know and solve your problem.

Advantages of our Pinterest Image Downloader

Following are some most prominent features of our Pinterest Image Downloader:

  • Our tool is 100% free to download images
  • You can download unlimited images with it
  • It works well with all the browsers on the internet
  • You can use it on almost all devices 
  • Download batch images within no time
  • And many other features 

FAQs about Pinterest Image Downloader

Can we Download Pinterest Images for free using this tool?

Yes, our tool is 100% to download Pinterest images even you don’t need to register on our website for downloading images.

Can I download Pinterest Images HD Quality?

Yes, you can download images in HD quality (If available) with our tool. So, give it a try right now and share your experience.

Is this a Pinterest Image Downloader for PC or Android, or iOS?

Actually, our tool works perfectly well on all types of devices. Whether you have Smartphone, Tablet, PC, or Laptop, this Pinterest Image Downloader works perfectly well on all devices.


When it comes to downloading Pinterest images for free and quickly, our tool Pinterest Image Downloader helps everyone achieve it. Our primary focus is to help people download images from Pinterest for free and without any hurdle. And our Pinterest Image Downloader Online tool is proof of our commitment. All you need to do is follow the above-given steps for downloading images from Pinterest, and within a few seconds, images will be on your devices.